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Do you commission children’s services?

BERRI will give you reliable outcome metrics to measure the “added value” provided by placements or services

  • It can give an overview of the needs of children you are responsible for
  • It can help you decide what kind of placement or services will best meet a child’s needs
  • it can show whether there is a relationship between the child's needs and the placement cost
  • it can help you identify your most effective providers
  • It can identify when children are ready to step down from residential placements to family or foster placements
  • it can help to identify a looming crisis before placement breakdown
  • It can improve outcomes AND reduce costs
The BERRI is an easy to complete checklist to assess a child’s needs, and turn this into useful reports and graphs.

Our profile and reports help you to understand the extent of the child’s needs, along with what might be going on for the child, and what strategies might be helpful to address this. These reports are automatically generated by the BERRI and can be downloaded and incorporated into your own documents, saving you time and duplicated effort.
BERRI has been shown to improve children’s outcomes by 14% in the first six months of use.
BERRI can be used to help determine which placements and services are suitable for a particular young person. This can include identifying which children are ready to step down from residential placements into family placements, and what type of support is likely to be necessary to make this succeed. A pilot with 15 high tariff children identified four that could step down into family or foster placements, saving nearly half a million pounds per annum.
You can also get an immediate overview of which children are making progress, which are being held back by life events, and which are struggling and need to be reviewed by their care team and any associated professionals.