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Do you provide education, therapy or support services?
The BERRI will give you reliable outcome metrics. It is an easy to use assessment tool for therapists, teachers, carers or professionals, written in everyday language, not jargon.
  • Using our checklist will help you to get underneath the behaviour to understand the whole picture
  • Understand the children you care for or work with better
  • See how their needs compare to other children
  • Use BERRI to develop plans to support specific children and monitor how they are working
  • Fine tune what you are doing based on feedback
  • Target and track specific issues you are working on (eg self-esteem, aggression, anxiety)
  • See the progress children and young people are making in your care
  • Evidence this impact to others (eg social workers, commissioners, Ofsted)
  • Know you are doing a good job!
The BERRI is an easy to complete checklist to assess a child's needs, and immediately turns this data into useful reports and graphs. Our profile and reports help you to understand the extent of the child's needs, along with what might be going on for the child, and what strategies might be helpful to address this. These reports are automatically generated by the BERRI and can be downloaded and incorporated into your own documents, saving you time and duplicated effort. Our users say that overall BERRI saves time and reduces their administrative burden, as well as improving outcomes for the children.
  • Can show the level of need of children who use your service
  • Produces useful profile, graph and reports
  • Targets and tracks specific concerns you are working on
  • Provides overview data about the children your service cares for