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Does your organisation provide foster or residential placements?
The BERRI will give you reliable outcome metrics to show the difference you make to the children you care for. This can help you meet the Ofsted inspection criteria for good or outstanding homes or services, and show evidence of the progress you are making to social workers and commissioners.

  • Our easy to use assessment tool can be completed by unqualified carers – it is written in everyday language, not jargon
  • Identifies needs and tracks progress in complex children
  • Provides a measure of efficacy, quality and outcomes
  • Can show what works and can improve outcomes
  • Can show the level of need of children who use your service
  • Produces a useful profile, graphs and reports
  • Targets and tracks specific concerns you are working on
  • Provides overview data about the children your service cares for

The BERRI is an easy to complete checklist to assess a child's needs, and turn this into useful reports and graphs. Our profile and reports help you understand what might be going on for the child, and what strategies might be helpful to address this. These reports are automatically generated by the BERRI and can be downloaded and incorporated into your own documents, saving you time and duplicated effort. You can also get an immediate overview of which children are making progress, which are being held back by life events, and which are struggling and need to be discussed by your care team and any associated professionals.

BERRI has been shown to improve children's outcomes by 14% in the first six months of use.